Saturday, March 12, 2011

Recruitment System UML Diagrams, SRS

Hi guys, in this post I have added the UML Diagrams for Recruitment system and a download link for problem statement and SRS.

Download Recruitment System Problem Statement and SRS

Download Recruitment System UML Diagrams

Use case diagram

Class Diagram

Sequence Diagram for 'Register'

Sequence Diagram for 'Status'

Sequence Diagram for 'Admin Panel'

Collaboration Diagram for 'Register'

Collaboraion Diagram for 'Status'

Collaboration Diagram for 'Admin Panel'

Activity Diagram


JJ said...

Where is the Component and Deployment Diagrams for all the applications. Please publish the missing diagrams for all the applications and publish new applications. There are large amount of applications, for OOAD Lab. Hope You will post in future.

JJ said...
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Shalin Siriwaradhana said...

You can find more UML diagram examples and templates in creately diagram community. There are 1000s of examples and templates to be used freely.

Unknown said...

Can i have component asa well as deployment diagram for online recruitment system